What would you do if you met the boy from your dreams? Would you tell him that he’s the lead subject in your dreams? Or would you secretly conduct a project to solve your mysterious dreams? Well, Lyla Lawson did both when she’d awoken from a nap to find the boy standing just meters away. There’s just a little problem, she’s never even seen the boy in her dreams. All Lyla knows is that the boy in her dreams has four letters in his name. L.U.K.E. To her delight, he’s everything she’s imagined and more. Wait, there’s another problem, Luke Thompson wants absolutely nothing to do with her. Ignored by this boy and what little she knows of him, she’s determined to find the reasoning behind her dreams even if it means getting herself into trouble. What’ll happen when Lyla finds out the real reason behind her dreams? Will Luke be Lyla’s dream come true or her worst nightmare?

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